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East View Publications
ISBN: 1-879944-37-0
Year: 1996
Language: Russian/English
Price: $220.00

A joint publication of East View Publications and the Interstate Statistical Committee of the CIS, this CD-ROM allows for quick reference and analysis of the massive 1989 USSR Population census. This clear and intuitive interface, built upon Microsoft® Access® software, allows the user to effortlessly move through reams of data. All printed data - numeric and text - has been converted from the print and micrfiche editions of the census and every single line (record) in each table includes a field listing the original page number of the print edition where the user may cross-reference a particular piece of data.

In addition to the original Russian material, the CD-ROM features a complete translation into English of the Results of the 1989 USSR Census. All volume and table names, columns and field titles, and geographic and other proper names have been translated into English. In addition, dozens of pages of commentary and methodology have been translated, and each of the 200-plus tables is annotated with detailed English-language explanations for every single column and field within.

New features in the CD-ROM edition of the 1989 USSR Population Census include a geographic names converter, graphical search interface and fully annotated tables and columns.

Please contact us for ordering information.


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